Making of EverClip (1)

Posted by Francis Chong on July 06, 2012| Comments

After two months of hardwork, EverCode is in review and should coming soon to App Store. Its a good time to have a write up on why and how we build this app!

The Idea

One day Alex told me he have a new app idea: a browser that clip webpages to Evernote.

It is not entirely new. We always wanted an app that clip websites or other content. In Note & Share we added a Bookmarklet that allow users to create note from selection of websites.

While it work, using bookmarklet is not very easy and convenient, and it do not support rich text or images. We decided this time it should keep texts and images.

We soon found that building another browser is not a very good idea. You’ll have to reinvent every wheels, and even if you did that right, it will still be slower than native Safari.

After a week, we returned with another solution: a clipboard app that run in background. It shall save clipboards while users using their own apps, and let user to review and save them later.

At the same time we heard Evernote is helding a competition. Its natural to use Evernote as a platform to store all clipings, so we decide to take this challenge.

User Interface

List of clips

The first priority of EverClip is simple to use. The core interface therefore is a single list of clips waiting for process. User simply tap one item to process it. There are no folders or structure.

Multiple Selection

Multiple clips selection is added after we build first prototype. Power user will found it helpful when they are reading long articles. They can clip multiple selection while using their apps, and group them into one later.

I also change the sound effect’s tone based on the number you are selecting. Inspired by the sound effects of Clear app.

Introduction Screens

The introduction screens are drawn using Paper app. They just took a few minutes and I really like the result.

Preview Screens

The preview screen look really simple. Actually it took a lot of time to make. It have to look right and yet you cant simply copy all formats from the source web sites to Evernote.

Coming Soon

Coming next, the technologies behind EverClip: RubyMotion and many opensource projects.

You can find more information in EverClip site.

Please vote us on Evernote Devcup at EverClip and EverCode!